Social Distancing (SD) Index

Why Social Distancing?

Social distancing has been recognized as the #1 practice to managing the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of us are already taking action on reducing our social engagement.

But are we doing enough?

Please use this simple questionnaire to compute your Social Distancing Index!!

Social Interactions

What kind of social interactions do you have?

e.g. Groceries shopping, food pick up, etc.

per week

e.g. Dinner at restaurants, Outing with family, etc.

per week

eg. Movies, Concerts, Weddings

per week


How do you commute?

e.g. Car, Bike, Scooter, etc.

trips per week

e.g. Cab, Carpool, Lyft, etc.

trips per week

eg. Bus, Train, Flights, etc.

trips per week


Where do you work?